Wonderful Historical Prints Portraying the Grandeur, Elegance and Curiosity of the Time of the Royal Mail Coaches of England Spanning 100 Years from 1750 - 1850 (w265d)

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Royal Mails, Starting from the post office, Lombard Street.

After S.J.E. Jones, 1827

Royal Mails Starting from Lombard Street Post Office 1827



The Monument of London in remembrance of the dreadful Fire in 1666. Its Height is 202 feet.

Collone de LONDRES elev pour une Perpetuelle Resouvenance de L'incendie Generalle de cette Ville en 1666. En Haut 202 Pieds.

After John Bowles, 1751

Monument of London Remembrance of the Dreadful Fire of 1666


Canvassing for Votes

To His Excellency S. Charles Hanbury Williams Ambassador to the Court of Russia. This plate is most humbly Inscrib'd by his most Obedient humble servant.    Willm Hogarth.

After W. Hogarth, 1757

Canvassing for Votes 1757


This View of Bloomsbury Square

To His Grace Francis, Duke of Bedford, Marquis of Tavistock &c.&c.

Is with the greatest respect inscribed by his Graces obedient & obliged Servants.   Rob. Pollard, & Fra. Jukes.

After E. Dayes, 1787

View from Bloomsbury Square 1787


The Village Fair

by George Morland, 1795

Lively painting showing the finish of a donkey race which was a traditional event in the summer village fairs which took place all over England in the 18th century.

Village Fair - Donkey Race at the Finish 1795


Stage Coach with the News of Peace.

Rochester Bridge on the signing of the First Peace of Paris in May 1814

After J. Pollard, 1815

Stage Coach with News of Peace - Peace of Paris 1814


The Mail Coach in a Thunderstorm on Newmarket Heath

The Norwich & London Royal Mail

After J. Pollard, 1827

Mail Coach in Thunderstorm on Newmarket Heath 1827


North Country Mails at the Peacok, Islington

After J. Pollard, 1823

Islington was a remote London suburb at the time.

North country Mails at the Peacock, Islington 1823


Repose in the Mail

Coachman please Sir? ---- goes back with t'other Coach.

After C.B. Newhouse 1835

Amusing night scene showsa change of coachmen at the end of a stage.

Repose in the Mail 1835


The Coach Fast in Snow

(Cottagers' Hospitality to Travellers)

by James Pollard, 1819

Coach Fast in Snow - Hospitality to Travellers


Stage Coach Passengers at Breakfast

The coffee room at the Bull at Redbourn on the Holyhead Road not far outside London

by James Pollard 1819

Stage Coach Passengers at Breakfast


The Turnpike Gate

After C. Cooper Henderson 1839

The turnpike gate 1839


The 3 Browns Book'd for Brighton, and only one place

After C.J. Grant c. 1830

Caricature 3 booked to Brighton & only 1 place



All Right

After C. Cooper Henderson 1842

The changing of the horses at a quiet Country Inn, probably a posting-house. A mail coach with the royal arms on its doors and the guard in his Post Office uniform.

Mail Coach Changing of the Horses 1842


The Duke of Beaufort Coach

Starting from the Bull & Mouth, Regent's Circus, Piccadilly

After William J. Shayer 1841

The Duke of Beaufort coach at Piccadilly 1841


Royal Telegraph Manchester Day Coach

A distance of 186 miles performed in 18 hours

After R. Havell 1834

Royal Telegraph Manchester Day coach 1834


Approach to Christmas

The well-known Norwich Times festooned with game for London's Christmas tables, running along the Mile End Road in thick snow towards the Bull Inn, Aldgate.

After J. Pollard 1830

Coach - Approach to Christmas 1830



Stage Coach Travelling

The heavily laden 'Amity' coach toiling up a steep hill on the Birmingham - Sheffield road.  The 'outsider' (cheaper) passengers having to walk in order to spare the horses.

After J. Pollard 1828

Stage Coach Travelling 1828


Hyde Park Corner, Scenes on the Road, or a Trip to Epsom & Back

After J. Pollard 1838

Hyde Park Corner1838


London Mail

This coach left London, Lombard Street,  the evening before and has been rolling all night. This coach, #211 was the last word in elegance.

After G. Hunt

London Mail


The New London Royal Mail

(Commenced running January 1st 1836)

London - Liverpool Royal Mail.

After C. Hunt

The New London Royal Mail 1836


The Mail Arriving at Temple Bar

Devonport Royal Mail Coach. This is most probably the famous 'Quicksilver'.

After C.B. Newhouse 1834

The Mail Arriving at Temple Bar 1834


Derby Day at Epsom

The public enclosure

After W.P. Frith 1850

Derby Day at Epsom 1850


Kendall's Omnibus Passing Islington Green

Hackney Islington Oxford Street

By J. Pollard 1848

Kendall's Omnibus Passing Islington Green 1848